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A Guide for Aging Heroes:
30 Days to Owning the Second Half of Life

A Guide for Aging Heroes is an award-winning, groundbreaking work that crushes stereotypes about growing older, overrides traditional societal expectations, and redefines the second half of life as a renaissance. While it engages readers in strategies for cultivating transformative life skills, A Guide for Aging Heroes reaches beyond the borders of the typical self-help book.


Aging Heroes is a way of being. It is a lifestyle marked by adventure, personal evolution, service, and wonder. A Guide for Aging Heroes takes readers on a voyage of self-exploration that embraces the inherent interconnections between everyone and everything.


As people enter mid-life, they seem to have two potential trajectories. They either double down on submitting to societal dictates and calcify into lives of mediocrity, or they embrace their uniqueness and, like the velveteen rabbit, become more and more real. Folks who are interested in this second tack are Aging Heroes. They are people who are in love with being alive, They contribute. They connect. They create. They make a difference.

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