Rusty Harrison

Rusty Harrison is an award-winning psychology instructor and a former counseling therapist. Fascinated by health psychology, he has spent years researching every aspect of physical, cognitive, and emotional fitness. Rusty has written countless articles and lectured on psychology and education in numerous cities across the US. He and Erica's book, "Guide for Aging Heroes: A 30 Day Voyage from Ordinary to Epic," should be available later this year. Rusty is devoted to community involvement and loves to contribute to making things better. Rusty is an avid outdoor adventurer. He loves sailing, motorcycling, hiking, kayaking, and backpacking.

Erica Schwarting

    Erica Schwarting is a designer, former model, marathon runner, hospital administrator, humanist, daughter, wife, and mom. Erica is active in her community and has helped to organize multiple charity events. She began running as a personal hobby and a means of rehabilitating a foot injury. Over the years, the hobby became a passion and has taken her to innumerable race events (half & full marathons, trail races, Ragnar relays) to include the Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon. Erica now enjoys sharing her fervor for the sport by working with others to achieve their running goals and helping to make their race dreams become a reality. 

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